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Lake Pavin is a French lake of volcanic origin in the massif of the Monts Dore in the Massif Central near the Commune of Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise commonly called Besse-en-Chandesse. Located at an altitude of 1,197 metres; it was formed in the crater of a former volcano and is what is called a maar.

Almost perfectly circular in form with a diameter of 700 to 800 metres it has a depth of 92 metres, which makes it the deepest in Auvergne. It is very recent in origin unlike the massif of the Monts Dore.

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Auberge de Mazayes

63230 Mazayes-basses
Tél.: 04 73 88 93 30

The Inn is
10 minutes from VULCANIA and
10 minutes from the Puy-de-Dôme
(via the Col de Ceyssat).

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The Auberge de Mazayes** comprises 15 unique rooms able to accommodate up to 4 persons. Our PAVIN room is accessible for reduced mobility persons.

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